Should You Sell All Your Possessions? Expanding Upon CosmicSkeptic’s Video

My three cents in response to CosmicSkeptic’s “Should you sell all your possessions?” video, talking about altruism and our moral obligations towards others.

Watch the video for my full thoughts, but a quick summary follows!

First, the cost that CosmicSkeptic names to save a life is different in reality, considerably changing the nature of the thought experiment.

Second, CosmicSkeptic’s defense of the demandingness objection is, in my opinion, insufficiently confident and I took this opportunity to elaborate with my take on it, as well as provide justification for why it’s such a solid objection.

Third, I bring what I hope is a novel perspective on things, by crossing the streams with AI safety research a little and talking about maximizers and satisficers and the dangers thereof.


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