Use Reminders for Fun, Profit and Self-Improvement

Everyone who looked at the reminders app on the iPhone(or its many available incarnations on Android) has thought to themselves – oh yeah. This is the best. This is how I get organized and start getting stuff done.

How did that go? If what ended up happening is that you just have a bunch of reminders that you constantly ignore, I’ve got some tips and tricks to share with you on how to get a handle on that.


GoodChat Extension || Automatic Filter for YouTube Chat || Less Repetition, Enhanced Clarity

GoodChat is a Chrome Extension that automatically reduces spammy and repetitive messages in Youtube Chat, replacing it with a much more clear summary window instead!

In addition to its core function, GoodChat has a number of customization options, including the ability to use manual filters(including regex ones) in addition to automatic ones and a plethora of options to make the experience work for you.

Should You Sell All Your Possessions? Expanding Upon CosmicSkeptic’s Video

My three cents in response to CosmicSkeptic’s “Should you sell all your possessions?” video, talking about altruism and our moral obligations towards others.

Watch the video for my full thoughts, but a quick summary follows!

First, the cost that CosmicSkeptic names to save a life is different in reality, considerably changing the nature of the thought experiment.

Second, CosmicSkeptic’s defense of the demandingness objection is, in my opinion, insufficiently confident and I took this opportunity to elaborate with my take on it, as well as provide justification for why it’s such a solid objection.

Third, I bring what I hope is a novel perspective on things, by crossing the streams with AI safety research a little and talking about maximizers and satisficers and the dangers thereof.

You Make Them Fool You || Good News About Your Bad Habits || Bad News About Your Good Habits

We blame the media and news for how they mislead us and talk about “fake news”, but we forget the part that we play in this deception. Content creators don’t deceive us for its own sake – they do it because we reward them for it. 

Confirmation bias is the name of the game and the video shows two particularly common types of deception patterns that we love.

This is my first foray into video content creation, it seems like an interesting journey, so we’ll see where it goes!

Zwift Cleanup

Chrome Extension to Make Your Zwift Social Life Easier

I like the social aspect of Zwift – the camaraderie, the shared journeys, the group rides, all the ride ons – and, importantly, mutual support. Besides, I don’t know about you, but I feel a little weird and creepy, like a stalker, if I’m following a private person who doesn’t follow me back. If you don’t feel like that, that’s perfectly okay too – but it does mean that people like myself sometimes have to do a little bit of spring cleaning, so to speak.

This extension is designed to make that task easier, to make finding people who don’t follow you back as easy and painless as possible.

See the following video guide to see it in action!

Zwift Cleanup Chrome Extension

Zwift Cleanup Chrome Extension Youtube Video


Chrome Extension for the 20 Second Rule

You may already know what the 20 second rule is, but if you don’t, a quick explanation.

It’s the idea that small obstacles in the way of our habits can have a profound influence on how often we engage in them. Small changes, such as removing the battery from your TV remote, so that every time you watch TV, you have to re-insert them, can dramatically alter how much time you waste in front of a TV. It works the other way around to – make your productive habits easier and you’re that much more likely to do them.

Which brings us to the topic of websites – instantly accessible, with nearly infinite convenience and unlimited content, they are the ultimate time-waster. As a bad habit, they are very difficult to get rid of.

What if we made them less convenient? Like removing a battery from a TV remote, that would make them less tempting. That’s when I had an idea for an extension – I’m not alone here, of course. Similar extensions exist, but I found that they lacked functionality I wanted or the customization options were not to my liking.

So I had to create one myself – and here we are.

So how does this work? This extension introduces a delay to websites when you try to visit them. It’s that simple – but there are a number of options you can use to customize your experience. You can view the video below or download the extension yourself to learn more about them!

DelayDo Chrome Extension

DelayDo Youtube Video