Why Men Still Lose Their Hair

You might think it’s the lack of treatment options, but that is not the answer. We have compounds that work to prevent hair loss in almost all men.  If that’s true – and it is – how do so many men still lose their hair nowadays?

Video Transcript

You might think it’s the lack of treatment options, but that is not the answer.

Which is why, if there’s anything you take from this, it’s simple: if you’re losing hair, go to a doctor. An actual medical doctor. The specialty you want is a dermatologist. They will prescribe you finasteride and minoxidil, which are the two compounds that actually work. That’s how you solve balding.

These compounds will work to prevent hair loss in almost all men – that is, in everyone except for the most aggressive cases or the tiny minority who experience side effects. If that’s true – and it is – how do so many men still lose their hair nowadays?

Let’s talk about that.

Stage Zero: Ignorance

Before anything else happens, you’re losing hair and you don’t know it. That’s the tragedy, almost all men could keep a head of hair for a lifetime if they started treatment when they still had ninety thousand functioning hair follicles, but most won’t notice it at that stage.

By the time most men realize that anything is happening at all, they probably lost thirty or fifty thousand hair follicles. Then we go to…

Stage One: Denial.

You look at your hair and your hairline seems too high; or you see way too much scalp… but nothing is happening, right? You can’t possibly be losing hair. You probably have a dad or an uncle who is losing hair, but that can’t happen to you… Unfortunately, that denial is costing you time – when you stop, you’ve already lost an extra five thousand hairs and we enter:

Stage Two: Friends & Family

Your family and friends deny anything is happening too. You look good, you look fine, don’t worry about it. This is not the experience of all men – for example, I had a shining beacon of truth in the form of my mom, who was honest with me – but it’s the experience of a lot of guys. Five thousand hairs down the drain. So, who will tell you?

Stage Three: Hairdresser

Most men’s exposure to cosmetic services basically amounts to their hairdressers – and if you’re lucky, your hairdresser will tell you that you’re losing hair.

Unfortunately, most of them are not well-informed. When I asked mine what I can do about this, she recommended biotin supplements, which are a total waste of time. In addition to that, they have some perverse incentives – telling you that you’re losing hair may make you feel bad and seek out a different hairdresser and cosmetic salons will often charge a lot of money for bs treatments.

They have a perverse profit incentive to keep their mouth shut and recommend bs treatments, instead of telling you to go to a doctor. Now you know it’s happening and you want to fix this; your relatives and friends and your hairdresser likely proved useless, so you go online for answers, where we enter:

Stage Four: Just Shave It, Brah

You encounter the just shave it bruh club, who tell you that just shaving it bruh is awesome and amazing and great, just go slick bald. Perhaps you are now considerably reassured – you think to yourself “yeah, screw this nonsense, I’m not going to be worried about this, I’m just gonna shave it bruh”.

The rather telling part is that people who go through this part of the process typically don’t shave their head immediately. They procrastinate on that task, they leave it for a far, distant future, where it’s of course going to be so much more convenient; they only do it right now if their hair has deteriorated to the point that it’s a disaster.

Unfortunately, the just shave it bruh club stage might very well cost you another five thousand hairs and, at this point, maybe your resolution to just shave it bruh is getting a little bit too real and too close to the present, instead of staying comfortably in the distant future, so you seek help online again.

Stage Five: Voodoo Magic Hair Loss Industry

Unfortunately, you are likely to encounter the voodoo magic hair loss industry.

Here’s the problem: the drugs that actually work for hair loss, the ones a doctor will prescribe to you, are not patented anymore. They’re generic, cheap drugs, with slim profit margins. That means that pharmaceutical companies are not incentivized to advertise them anymore. Not that they even can – outside of the United States and New Zealand, direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs is illegal.

You know, by contrast, who does plenty of advertising? The voodoo magic hair loss industry. After all, if I manage to sell you a $100 bottle of overpriced anti-hair loss shampoo or a $300 hairband or a $500 low laser light helmet which will, at best, give you a tiny fraction of the results of real medicines… Those are serious profits right there! These people will tell you – look, our product is legit, we even offer refunds! Except these products would be extremely profitable even if 80% of men refunded them, so there’s a lot of cash to be made on selling quack supplements and treatments.

Lost in the maze of voodoo treatments, you may lose your will to fight altogether or think that the whole thing is a total scam. By the time you figure out what works or grow desperate enough to search for more, you’ve lost another five thousand hairs.

Stage Six: Fearmongering

You know what works, but unfortunately, online, you will find fear mongering hypochondriac panic finasteride cult. If you believe those men, and you shouldn’t, because their ideas have only slightly more scientific backing than the idea that electromagnetic hypersensitivity exists, it’s quite likely you will have a very bad experience with the drug due to the nocebo effect; which may, in turn, delay your treatment by another five thousand hair follicles… or maybe forever.

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying finasteride can’t possibly have any side effects for anyone – but in quality research, you will find that those side effects are very rare.

But… Suppose, you conquered all of these stages. You sought treatment, ignored the just shave it bruh club, you figured out the true face of the voodoo magic hair loss industry, you found information on effective treatments, despite the fact that it’s minimally advertised now and you realized that people fear mongering about them are wrong.

Stage Seven: Too Late?

Here’s the worst problem: by the time you realized all of this, how much ground did you lose? How many years of perfectly good hair did you waste? Obviously, this depends on how aggressive your hair loss is and how long it takes you to get over your denial, but it’s perfectly possible that by the time you know how to treat it, it’s already too late, because you’ve barely got anything left to save.

Stage Seven and 1/2: Sour Grapes

That alone is bad enough, but it gets worse: many men who reach this stage will engage in motivated reasoning and convince themselves that this is what they wanted all along, to preserve their self-image and not admit that they’ve made a mistake or to avoid admitting that they’ve been conned by idiots. They will become willing vectors for spreading finasteride misinformation online, because that lets them believe that they’ve made the right choice. They will spread the gospel of “just shave it bruh”, instead of the actually helpful “just treat it bruh”.

This is why it’s so important for misinformation on this topic to be destroyed. Ideally, there should be just one stage – when you realize you’re losing your hair or even if you’re at risk of it, you go to a doctor and get treatment.

Unfortunately, if you reach the twenty thousand hairs stage, then, at this point, the just shave it bruh club is your only option.

Except… No, it isn’t. Hair systems are still an option for you. I’m going to plug Jake Kent. I wouldn’t listen to him about the topic of pharmaceuticals, but I can’t deny that his knowledge and insights about hair systems are top-notch.

If you’ve still got hair left to save and you want to keep it that way, then for pharmaceutical hair loss knowledge, you should seek out Haircafe, who is the best channel on youtube talking about this topic.

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